One Homeowner's Technique For Shaming Dog Owners Who Let Their Pets Poop In His Yard

August 17, 2018

This is a very short video highlighting one Australian homeowner's passive-aggressive technique for shaming dog owners who let their pets crap in his yard. I feel his pain.
Honestly, sometimes I feel that I'm the only one in my entire neighborhood who picks up after their dog. And I feel like not is a sign of irresponsible pet ownership. Like, if you can't pick up after your dog, what else aren't you doing? You signed up for this. And some of these big dogs, man -- they drop turds you'd be shocked to see left in a toilet. Like come on Hulk, learn how to flush. I wonder how effective this technique is. Of course in my neighborhood it wouldn't be effective at all. People don't care if you post their picture, everyone feels so entitled to live their best, laziest life at the expensive of others that they'll let their dog poop in your yard, KNOWING YOU'RE STANDING RIGHT THERE, then walk away when you try to say something and yell over their shoulder that that your bushes look like shit. I've witnessed it.

Keep going for the whole video, but the gif is pretty much it really.

Thanks to Wendy, who informed me she uses the ol' pick it up yourself and toss it on the owner's porch technique. Classic.

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