Oh, Florida: Couple Get Busted After Setting Up A Drive-Thru Window In Their Mobile Home To Sell Drugs

August 31, 2018


Because successful entrepreneurs think outside the box, a couple in Ocala, Florida were recently arrested after using a kitchen window in the their mobile home as a drive-thru for drug sales. Man, just when you think you've heard it all, Florida Man and Woman deliver the goods.

Ocala Police said the couple had turned a kitchen window into a drive-thru so customers would not have to constantly enter and exit their home, potentially drawing unwanted attention, WFTV reported. The house had signs directing people where to drive and indicated whether it was open or closed, police said.

"We were seeing some overdose incidents that were happening in this particular area, specifically at this particular location," said Ocala Police Capt. Steven Cuppy. "There [were] some heroin sales that were going on there. Subsequently, through the investigation, we were able to determine that product was laced with fentanyl."

Wait -- there were signs directing people where to drive? That's a solid operation. Do you think there was a menu and you ordered through a speaker too? I sure hope so. Personally, I would have opted for girls delivering drugs on roller skates like at Sonic, but that's just me and I like my drug sales to have that 1950's carhop feel to them. I believe buying drugs should be an experience, not just a shady business interaction.

Thanks to Closet Nerd, who agrees when Florida Man puts his mind to it, there's no limit to the ways he can get arrested.

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