New McDonald's 'Experience Of The Future' Locations Will Look Apple Stores

August 15, 2018


These are several shots of the recently completed McDonald's flagship store in Chicago, the first of the company's 'Experience Of The Future' locations (there will be 5,000 renovated similarly, although probably not nearly as extravagantly, by 2020). The 19,000 square foot Apple store lookalike features floor to ceiling windows, "self-order kiosks, table service, mobile order and pay, and delivery", as well as over 70 trees inside (perfect for carving your girlfriend's initials inside a heart) and on-site solar panels. But what about clean bathrooms? And since when has anybody expected any glitz or glamor from a trip to McDonald's? I only expect three things from a trip to McDonald's: a reasonably priced two cheeseburger extra value meal, a possible fight in the parking lot, and the ice cream machine being broken.

Keep going for a handful more shots.





Thanks to v, who agrees they should really work on the ice cream machine situation before building space restaurants.

  • jimmycleaver

    Am I suppose to be astonished by this over a fast-food chain? So much for believing in the magic:

  • stablu

    Ice cream machine still broke though

  • AtomicMountain

    Seems like a nice place to get diarrhea.

  • Jenness

    Better hope this is bulletproof glass. It's Chicago. At least no one has to work there - only robot kiosks from the looks of it.

  • GeneralDisorder

    I already don't eat at McDonalds if I can avoid it. This changes nothing.

  • KingCraigers

    Pretty Sure Taco Bell did it first. It was in Demolition Man, then they actually did it.

  • bobjr94

    And they will still only have Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite and Poweraid...Stopped going there after they got rid of Diet Dr Pepper. Other fast food places are going with more drink choices while Mc'd is offering less.

  • Munihausen

    As long as they'll serve me a 20 piece at 2:45am on a Wednesday, I'll be there.

  • Ralfone

    It reminds me of how Taco Bell looks in the future after it wins the franchise wars and becomes the only remaining restaurant...

  • Eric Ord

    I don't have a girlfriend :(

  • Mark

    All buildings look great when they are new. Wait until the airborne grease particles start building up in those hard to reach places and everything becomes a sticky, tacky mess of grease and dirt. Are those live plants up in the wall or fake plants? live plants will have bugs and spiders...fake plants will have dust, bugs and spiders....all falling down on people's food.

  • Munihausen

    Now, with more protein!

  • The Continental

    Polishing turds

  • TheQiwiMan

    I very rarely eat McDonalds, but I may increase my patronage (from ~3-4 times/year to maybe double that) if they upgrade my local ones to look like that.


  • Nicholas Conrad

    I noticed they didn't have any staff people in any of those shots... Part of the 'future' experience to be staffed by robots?

  • Jonathan Tippett

    Great, tons of glass so the environmental benefit of the solar panels can be totally ruined by how hard it will be to keep cool during the summer!

  • The_Wretched

    They are already hard to keep cool.

  • Eric Ord

    Unlike me. I'm easy to keep cool. Because I'm so cool.

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