Museum Visitor Injured After Falling In 8-Foot Hole In Floor He Thought Was A Painting

August 21, 2018


An Italian tourist in his sixties recently fell into an eight foot hole at the Fundação de Serralves, Museum of Contemporary Art in Porto, Portugal, after he mistook the hole for a painting on the floor. The installation, Descent Into Limbo, was actually the work of artist Anish Kapoor (probably best known for Cloud Gate, aka 'the Bean' in Chicago), who painted the interior of the hole with the darkest black pigment available in 1992 when it was created to make it appear as if it has no depth at all (mission accomplished). Interestingly, Kapoor has since been awarded the exclusive rights to use Vantablack (the darkest chemical substance ever created, comprised of vertically oriented carbon nanontubes that absorb 99.965% of light) for artistic purposes. Which, for the record, is a complete dick move (what kind of artist feels like they need an advantage?). Anyways, despite plenty of warnings (both from posted signs and museum staff), this 60-something year old Italian man decided to risk it anyways and tried walking across the hole, finding out the hard way that he isn't The Last Airbender. He was treated for minor back injuries and released from the hospital. The exhibit has since been closed, but will reopen again shortly, and, if I have anything to do with it, with absolutely no warning signs at all. "I approve of this." I knew you would, Darwin.

Keep going for a shot of Kapoor's design for the piece while I wonder why it's so hard for some people to accept something that looks like a hole might be a hole.


Thanks to becca b, who's not convinced this guy didn't think this was the 'leap of faith' Path Of God trail in Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade.

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