Man Tries To Run Through Parking Gate, Gets Clotheslined

August 16, 2018

This is a video from Darwin, Australia (appropriate) of a man who's managed to cheat death for entirely too long attempting to run through an automated parking gate, and clotheslining himself. It's crazy to think that an equally stupid but more dangerous stunt didn't send this man to an early grave (but not really that early for someone who likes to do dumb shit like this) years ago. Fingers crossed he accepts the invitation to perform in my next Neighborhood Stunt Spectacular. "As a stunt car driver?" As a ramp.

Keep going for the whole video which includes plenty of bro contemplating how he just got owned by a parking gate while the security cam gets a nice long look at his face.

Thanks to Tank, who would have made short work of that parking gate and the wall behind it.

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