Local Dentist's Awesome Low-Budget Guardians Of The Galaxy Parody Commercial

August 28, 2018


This is Guardians Of The Gums, a low-budget Guardians Of The Galaxy parody commercial for ArDente Dental in Frankfort, Indiana. I also included their Justice League, Walking Dead and Star Wars inspired print ads because that is just some quality advertising right there. Whatever happened to funny low-budget local commercials anyways? We should really bring those back. They're cheap, and they're memorable, which means they work. I don't even need any dental work done and I want to go to this dentist. I had braces when I was in middle school so my teeth are already straight but you can bet your ass if I lived anywhere near Frankfort, Indiana I'd be standing in a field right now behind a horse trying to psych myself up to poke it in the balls and get kicked in the teeth. "Wait, what?" I believe in supporting creative local businesses.

Keep going for the other ads and the commercial.





Thanks to hairless, who agrees we should start our own low-budget local commercial making business and make hundreds, possible even over a thousand.

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