Interesting: The Tap Wireless Finger-Tapping Controlled Keyboard, Mouse And Controller Thingy

August 8, 2018

These are several videos of the $180 Tap Bluetooth keyboard, mouse and controller. It doesn't make a lot of sense to me. Of course, most things don't make a lot of sense to me. Like love. How do I get somebody to fall into it with me? "Just be kind and loving and have a good sense of humor." There has to be another way. A spell maybe?

Tap™ is a wearable input device that lets your fingers control and communicate with the digital world. As you tap your fingers or move your thumb, characters and commands are sent to any Bluetooth device-your phone, laptop, tablet, Smart TV, desktop computer and more.

Tap creates text each time you tap your fingers. Tap does not use the QWERTY keyboard layout or any keyboard at all. Instead, you create letters by tapping one or more finger combinations on any surface. For instance when you tap your thumb, the letter A is sent to the bluetooth device you have paired with your Tap.

Quickly learn to tap using TapGenius or TapAloud (optimized for audible learning), a child-simple game that will have you tapping within minutes and mastering the system within hours. Most users learn the Tap Alphabet in just 90 minutes. Practicing a few minutes here and there accelerates tapping speed and builds muscle memory, making tap texting second-nature-simple.Continuing practice allows you to get really fast.

Hmmm, ninety minutes to learn? That sounds like it might be a little outside of my attention span. On average I'm good for right around what were we just talking about? Hopefully my muscles. "Tap?" Of course you can, but don't be shy -- you can even give them a squeeze if you want.

Keep going for a handful of videos including a couple introductory ones, one of a dude typing 40 words per minute that definitely looks iffy below desk-level, and somebody getting ready to lose a round of Fortnite.

Thanks to Rob and Allyson S, who agree we really just need to get to mind-reading typing already.

  • Deksam

    No, I think the future of keyboards is laser projected boards and camera tracking fingers for a mouse pad.

  • TheMajesticWaterRuffalo

    when I tweet about you I touch myself

  • Mr Coco

    scam. like solar road ways.

  • Jenness

    Why not qwerty??? Yeah, screw that. If I have to learn something new then at least make it be sign language so that I'm learning a useful skill and not something random for a device that will be obsolete in a month.

  • Fartbutt

    The future of conversation

  • Meh

    180 USD and you can't even use both hands. Now that's sad.

  • GeneralDisorder

    No word whether it's ambidextrous either. Doesn't seem to be.

  • Doog

    This just seems absurd. Why not have something almost exactly the same, but you use Sign Language and it inputs into text?

    Then the 'language' you're learning is actually useful instead of something only used by this one device.

  • James Mcelroy

    but then you have to learn something.

  • Doog

    To be fair you already have to learn something in order to actually use this thing in the first place.

    I agree though doing neither and learning nothing seems like a better option.

  • James Mcelroy

    zo kidy hpy yjrdr smf yjru str lomf pg vts[

    sorry, i was off a key, i meant, I just got these and they are crap.

  • Eric Ord


    PS I'd just use the thing to tap on TheQiwiMan's head lol

  • Irina Abramovich

    ROFL! What would you tap on it? FIRST??????????????!

  • Eric Ord

    Nah, an order for fries and a Coke

  • TheQiwiMan

    Important clarification: WHICH "head"?

  • Eric Ord

    How dare you.

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