I'm Flying, Jack!: Tesla Model S Gets Serious Air After Launching Off Train Tracks

August 29, 2018

This is a video from Barrie, Ontario of a Tesla Model S launching off the Little Avenue railway tracks traveling at a nice clip and catching some major air. Not seen in the video: the car losing control upon landing and crashing into the parking lot of the Assikinack Public School. Both the 46-year old driver and his passenger were treated for minor injuries, and the driver was charged with unsafe driving. Did he know the tracks were there? Did he do this on purpose? What kind of 46-year old is out in Barrie, Ontario launching his Tesla off railroad tracks? "A friend of yours, GW?" Ha, I wish. Also, based on that bright flash of light at the beginning of the video I'm not convinced this wasn't just a time-traveling Tesla returning to present day.

Keep going for the video with two different angles of the Dukes Of Barrie doing their thing.

Thanks to Phantasium and Matt, who agree that, unlike downed power lines, not everything is made to be launched over.

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