I'm Flying Jack!: Soapbox Derby Race With A Ramp That's Just A Little Too Steep

August 10, 2018

This is a video from the Tandergee Soapbox Derby race in Northern Ireland where organizers set up a kicker ramp that's just a little too good at its job and sends participants flying, with at least one requiring some medical attention. Me? I would have hit that ramp so fast and hard I would have taken off like an eagle, swooping down at the finish line to snatch the gold medal like an unlucky fish, then flying off into the sunset. "Watch out for those power li--" *zippity zap!* Eat me, please don't let me go to waste.

Keep going for the video while I watch the redubbed downed power line G.I. Joe PSA.

Thanks to Linc, who agrees brakes are for people who don't believe in destiny.

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