Home Security Cam Captures Video Of Dog Dragging Running Water Hose Into House, Playing With It, Taking It Back Outside

August 28, 2018


This is some home security cam footage of boxer Winston dragging a water hose inside the house through an open sliding door, playing with it for a while, then eventually dragging it back outside (previously: a shot of that other dog that dragged a sprinkler in through its doggie door). Thankfully, the hose has a nozzle on it that only sprays when Winston bites it (although he eventually punctures the hose causing a small leak -- visible at 2:00 spraying straight up in the air and onto the living room rug), or things could have been a whole lot wetter. Still, he does get some pretty solid sprays in, including hitting the grandfather clock at least once. Could you imagine if this happened and you didn't have a security camera that caught all the action? You'd just come home to a soaking house and have no clue how it got that way. Is anything missing? I bet it was the Wet Bandits.

Keep going for the video while I watch the 'And why is the carpet all wet, Todd?" scene from National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.

Thanks to Allyson S, who agrees that is not how you earn treats.

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