Holy Smokes: Woman Limbos Under A Row Of Airport Seats

August 29, 2018

That old senator looking dude in the background: he's impressed. Also, probably at least four scotches deep.

This is a video from Brandon Campbell (who gives a shoutout to Philadelphia at the beginning of the video, which is a great city with an absolutely horrible airport) of his wife Shemika Campbell (a limbo Guinness World Record holder) limboing under a row of airport waiting seats. How low can she go? ALL THE WAY. Any lower and she'd be in a mole person's living room. I bet she could even limbo under an actual airplane seat with a piece of carry-on luggage under there. Me? The last time I tried to limbo was at a roller skating birthday party and I knocked the bar down on first try at like five feet. Then after that it was couple's skate and the DJ called me out specifically and told me I had to exit the rink for the next two songs even though I said I was just waiting for my girlfriend to finish up in the restroom, which wasn't a total lie because maybe I hadn't met her yet and she really was peeing at Skate World at that very moment. "Awww, how old were you, GW?" Almost a whole month younger than now.

Keep going for the whole video.

Thanks to Amelie, who agrees the key to a good limbo is bending the laws of physics to your will.

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