Guy Tries To Withstand Super-Bass Sound System In Van, Can't

August 30, 2018


This is a video of Brandon trying to withstand the incredible bass of Jeremy's van at the recent 2018 Surf City Soundoff in Lincoln City, Oregon. According to whoever filmed the video, "Jeremy's van is one of the loudest vehicles on the west coast." Well sure, but everyone who owns a vehicle on the west coast has one of the loudest. It might just be, you know, the 8,000,000th loudest. This is probably louder than that though because Brandon does not last long at all once the bass kicks in. I think I could actually see the ear and brain damage being done. That could not have felt very good. Except in the balls, that probably felt amazing in the balls. Get those things rattling around, confuse your sperm, have them all crashing into walls and trying to swim up into your abdomen -- good times. Still, I can't recommend Brandon trying to get anyone pregnant for *checks calendar* well, forever actually. You might as well add some grape jam because your nuts are toast, bro.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to No Name, who wants to know if such extreme bass could eventually rattle your wheels' lug nuts free, and might just be planning the perfect murder.

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