Guy Demonstrating The Arm-Mounted Flame Thrower He Built

August 7, 2018

This is a video of Youtuber The King Of Random demonstrating the robot arm flamethrower he built. It's pretty sweet, although I'm not sure how I feel about having a flamethrower mounted to my arm in the event something goes horribly wrong (ie: it catches fire itself) and I need to toss it and start thinking about who I'm going to blame for the accidental arson I just committed. My brother is always a safe bet. "I live 2,000 miles away." Don't listen to him, detective, he owns a jet.

Keep going for the video, but actual testing starts at 2:10 and there's a worthwhile green flame test at 3:16.

Thanks to Rob, who agrees the only opinion that matters when it comes to flamethrowers is Trogdor's.

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