Good Boy!: A Dog That Pretends To Be A Motorcycle

August 16, 2018


This is a video of motocross rider Greg Vannorden's family husky Brodie demonstrating his ability to transform into a motorcycle when Greg straddles him and pretends to start his engine. That's definitely worth a treat. A soft one too, something meaty and easy on the gums. In Greg's own words:

Brodie the husky used to follow me around on my motocross bike so I figured he picked this up from that so I tried to start him up one day and ever since then he does this impression.

That's cute. You know what I wish my dog would pretend to be? A person, so she can go get a job and help me pay the bills. I don't think she's ever paid a bill, and she definitely didn't get me anything for my birthday this year. Yeah I'm looking at you, Margaret! *woof!* No, this is my sandwich, your food is in your bowl. *woof!* Oh no, we're not swapping food again, we did it last night and I still have crunchies stuck between my teeth. *woof!* Just take it already.

Keep going for the video. Also here's a shot of Margaret before and after a haircut for a visual on what I'm dealing with.

Thanks to Debbie M, who agrees Margaret should at least book a dog food commercial or something.

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