Freaky Deaky Squirming Tentacle Organism Washes Ashore In Vietnam

August 10, 2018

This is a video of some sort of squirmy alien that washed ashore in Vietnam. Unlike a really cool shell that would look perfect on my necklace, that does not look like something I would pick up off the beach. Some more info, including a quote from a local who clearly knows what's up:

[Tour guide and finder of the creature] Nam Du said: 'I don't know whether it's an animal, vegetation or something else.'

Local Kim Tho said: 'It's a monster. One day it will come back out of the ocean. It'll be ten times bigger.'

The mystery creature was later released back into the ocean - with locals still confused by what it was.

Experts believe that the creature is likely to be a piece of seaweed reacting to the air.

Seaweed reacting to the air, huh? Can any of you marine biologist corroborate that story? Because that looks like a *Googles prefix for a billion* gigapus to me. That's an octopus with a billion arms, just so we're clear. "I gathered that." I know you did, but there might be other people out there who don't get me the way that you do. "Which is?" All hot and bothered -- meet me in the supply closet.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to hairless, who agrees the oceans never cease to shock and amaze.

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