Finally, Some Decent Fireproof Demon Skulls For Your Gas Fireplace/Fire Pit

August 17, 2018


Because those human skull logs must have sold like flaming hot cakes, Myard is now selling demon versions of their ceramic fireproof skulls for use in gas fireplaces and fire pits. These ones even have hollow eye sockets so flames can come through them. Unfortunately, just like the human skull versions, they're pricey -- around $60 PER SKULL, making the pile of burning demon skulls I've always dreamed of a costly investment. So here's the plan: we start sculpting our own and selling them for $30 apiece. Then, after we sell enough, we'll buy a bunch of these! "Why would we do that when we just made our own?" Um, because ours are gonna suck? Jesus, did you even see the flask I tried making in ceramics class? "No." Of course you didn't, because it blew up in the kiln and destroyed everyone else's projects. So many bongs...just gone.

Keep going for several more shots and a video of the skulls flaming.





Thanks to Matthew W, who agrees there's nothing quite like warming your hands over a pile of flaming demon skulls. Really warms the hands AND soul, you know?

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