Faaaaake: Man Chloroforms Himself To Prove It Doesn't Work

August 31, 2018


Going towards the light: he's doing it.

This is a very short video making its rounds of a guy allegedly chloroforming himself to prove it doesn't work, then trying to fight a wardrobe with his face on the way to the ground. Is it real? I really want it to be, but it isn't. If you really want to prove it's real do it again with a bottle we can read and watch you open. Also, do it in the middle of the driveway. How am I supposed to believe this is real when there's a conveniently placed wardrobe right there to break your face? Also, SPOILER: unlike in every movie or made-for-television crime drama you've ever seen, it actually takes like five minutes for a chloroform soaked rag to render someone unconscious, which is a shame because I could really use a power nap but only get four minutes for lunch.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Charlie H, who remembers a time when some things actually used to be real.

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