Easy Rider: Shirtless Florida Man Riding Motorcycle Laying On His Back, Steering With Bare Feet

August 24, 2018

Because Florida man feels entitled to do whatever he pleases, whenever he pleases on account of the shit hand that life dealt him, this is a video of a no helmet, no shirt, no shoes (no service) motorcyclist cruising down I-95 South near Jacksonville, riding his hog while laying on his back, and steering with his bare feet. I can only assume he's stretching out for an afternoon nap. You know, it's crazy to think about how non-existent some people's instinct of self preservation is. Do you think that's a specific gene? And, if it is, how does it keep getting passed down? "Florida man breeds young." Wow, that actually makes a lot of sense.

Keep going for the video, which isn't any different from the gif except higher resolution.

Thanks to JT, who informed me we both made similar cross-country moves, just not laying down on the back of motorcycles because we actually wanted to get where we were going.

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