Displaced Cowboy Builds Himself A Rideable Electric Horse

August 31, 2018

This is a video highlighting Steve Bacque (aka the Crazy Cranford Cowboy), a former Texas rodeo cowboy who married a lady from New Jersey, moved there, and had no place to keep a horse in the area. So what did he do? Built a reigns-controlled one powered by an electric golf cart motor and named it Charger. Man, sometimes I wish I was a crazy person.

Charger can do up to 40 miles per hour (though he has a governor to rein him in to about 15 miles per hour) and can handle up to 600 pounds. Charger even has a wheelie bar in the back, which is "not just for show," Bacque warns. Yes, this motorized horse can pop a (small) wheelie.

Charger turns left and right with the reins and even brakes when you pull back on them. A key turns him on, and a gas pedal sets him in motion.

Why would you govern your horse to only 15MPH? CHARGER NEEDS TO RUN. Sure Steve would probably die in an electric horse related accident, but isn't that every cowboy's dream? "I thought cowboys wanted to die with their boots off." Really? I thought they wanted to die with them on. Regardless, I want to die with nothing on but a smile and a jetpack.

Keep going for the video of oldschool Westworld.

Thanks to Dev, for inspiring me to watch Tombstone tonight.

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