Creating A Spinning Human Zoetrope On A Playground Merry-Go-Round With No Post-Production Effects

August 7, 2018

This is a video of the folks from Corridor Digital creating a real-life human zoetrope by dressing eight dudes in identical clothes and spinning them around on a playground merry-go-round while filming in time-lapse. I also imagine there was some choreography involved. Oh, and they say they didn't use any post-production special effects but there's no way they didn't have to edit some puke out. I can't even look at one of those merry-go-rounds without-- oh boy -- oh no. "Run to the bathroom!" There's no hope. *lifts shirt over nose and mouth, lets it all out* I'd forgotten about those SpaghettiOs, now I look like the top layer of ab lasagna. "You're a weird dude, GW." How am I supposed to explain this to my happy hour date? "Remind yourself she's imaginary." Hoho, kicking a man while he's down -- I'll allow it, but only because I live my life by UFC rules and plan on gouging your eyes as soon as the ref turns his back.

Keep going for the video, as well as a making-of in case this is really your cup of tea.

Thanks to Christian, who agrees the monkey bars are still the best piece of playground equipment.

  • AmberH

    6 dudes, not 8.(the 2 guys outside handling balloon changes don't count, IMHO)

  • Damon Sherman

    I'm kinda pedantic, but this is just stop animation with an extra step.

  • Matthew Anderson

    100% agree

  • Joebags !

    Hm, yes... Rather shallow and pedantic

  • Damon Sherman

    the thing is, a Zoetrope is limited by how many "frames of animation" it has. Also its' done in real time with with something interrupting your vision, in zoetropes that's usually strobe light.

    In this case, they're doing time lapse filming where you take a picture at varying intervals.

    here's an example of a zoetrope.

  • siennaf

    same here

  • Michael Knight

    6 dudes, not 8.
    (the 2 guys outside handling balloon changes don't count, IMHO)

  • TheQiwiMan

    Yikes.. I can't even watch the video without feeling nauseous...

  • GeneralDisorder

    Not only was this nauseating but it was kinda creepy too.

  • Jenness

    same here

  • Eric Ord


    PS lol you spin me right round baby, AM I RIGHT???

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