Creating A Spinning Human Zoetrope On A Playground Merry-Go-Round With No Post-Production Effects

August 7, 2018

This is a video of the folks from Corridor Digital creating a real-life human zoetrope by dressing eight dudes in identical clothes and spinning them around on a playground merry-go-round while filming in time-lapse. I also imagine there was some choreography involved. Oh, and they say they didn't use any post-production special effects but there's no way they didn't have to edit some puke out. I can't even look at one of those merry-go-rounds without-- oh boy -- oh no. "Run to the bathroom!" There's no hope. *lifts shirt over nose and mouth, lets it all out* I'd forgotten about those SpaghettiOs, now I look like the top layer of ab lasagna. "You're a weird dude, GW." How am I supposed to explain this to my happy hour date? "Remind yourself she's imaginary." Hoho, kicking a man while he's down -- I'll allow it, but only because I live my life by UFC rules and plan on gouging your eyes as soon as the ref turns his back.

Keep going for the video, as well as a making-of in case this is really your cup of tea.

Thanks to Christian, who agrees the monkey bars are still the best piece of playground equipment.

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