Cantina In Disneyland Star Wars Park Expansion Will Serve Booze

August 31, 2018


Because making money hand over fist wasn't already easy enough for Disneyland, the park has just announced that the Oga Cantina in their Star Wars: Edge Of The Galaxy park expansion will serve alcoholic cocktails (opening 2019 in Disneyland and Disney World -- Disney World has been serving alcoholic drinks inside the park since 2012). Previously, alcohol was only available inside Disneyland at the exclusive, members-only Club 33. Or by bringing your own 40-ounce water bottle filled with stiff margaritas like a normal person.

No self-respecting remote outpost on the edge of the galaxy would call itself a smuggler's planet without a cantina, and Black Spire Outpost [the name of the village in the new park expansion] is no exception.

Oga's Cantina is the kind of establishment that attracts some of the most interesting and disreputable characters in the galaxy. And you never know when a stormtrooper or a familiar face will show up. Patrons of the cantina come from across the galaxy to sample the famous concoctions created with exotic ingredients using "otherworldly" methods, served in unique vessels. With choices for kids and libations for adults, the cantina will make for a great stop!

Oh nice, they're gonna serve non-alcoholic drinks for kids too. How very disreputable smuggler's planet cantina of them. Could this not have been the only adults-only area of the park? It's supposed to be a bar. Nothing quite says this is where 'the most disreputable characters in the galaxy' hang out like a child crying that they want their already $16 Shirley Jedi Temple in a $22 BB-8 collectible take-home cup. I feel like this line isn't even moving, how long have we been waiting for a drink, anyways? "Forty minutes." It's crazy how Disney is so awesome and so awful simultaneously.

Thanks to Elizabeth B, who promised to wait in line for me while I hit Mr. Toad's Wild Ride.

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