Real Products That Exist: A Roast Beef Sandwich Inspired Bath Soak

August 3, 2018


These are the 'World Famous' Roast Beef Sandwich Reality Bath Soak salts created by Gears Out and available on Amazon. When added to a bath, the salts are supposed to evoke a deli-style hot roast beef sandwich, with a "brown sugar and fig fragrance." That doesn't sound like any roast beef I'm familiar with. Obviously, this would make a great white elephant gift for your next office holiday party after everybody is way too drunk. Just a heads up though: if you're ever spending the night at a friend's house and they jokingly suggest you take a calming bath with the Roast Beef Sandwich bath salts they left out, you climb out that bathroom window and run because your friend is a cannibal and you're about to get eaten.

Thanks to Ash, for reminding of the time I dreamed I was eating a turkey leg and woke up to my girlfriend screaming bloody murder and trying to get her arm out of my mouth.

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