Awww: High School Kid Cringes As Mom Kisses Him On Live News Broadcast

August 20, 2018


This is a video news report from Cumbernauld, Scotland discussing high school students' recent exam scores (I wish the local news around here was so pleasant) when one boy's mother is invited on camera and, despite his protest, plants a kiss on his cheek. Now that -- that's the look of a boy whose hopes and dreams of being kissed by anyone else other than his mom before starting university just drifted out of him, like a silent fart. Personally, that wouldn't have bothered me, but I love my mom and nothing she could do would ever embarrass me. *mom kisses on cheek* She makes the best pancakes and still tucks me in at night too, so what? "AND wash his sheets without saying anything whenever he has an accident at night." OH COME ON. Seriously though she still has all my baby teeth in a jar somewhere. She told me she bought them all back from the Tooth Fairy for top dollar, apparently because there was a bidding war between her my siblings, who wanted to make voodoo dolls.

Keep going for the whole video, kiss segment starts at 0:38.

Thanks to Chauntey, who agrees years from now Fraser will look back on this video and be happy it happened.

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