A Tattoo Artist Who Meticulously Inks ASCII Art Portraits

August 16, 2018


Note: Worthwhile larger version of the image above HERE.

This is a video highlighting the work of tattoo artist Andres Vrontis, who specializes in generating ASCII art portraits (art made entirely out of traditional computer characters), and painstakingly copying the images to people's bodies (with the help of tattoo transfer paper). Pretty neat, right? Would you get one? I'd get one. Ask me where I'd get it. "Where would you get it, GW?" At the tattoo parlor! "Good one." Seriously though these prison tats just don't last. *pulling down pants in back* Can you even tell what this is supposed to be anymore? "It looks like a bushel of dingleberries." Haha -- a straight shooter, I like it. "You don't actually have a tattoo, do you?" No I do not, just a custodian on this floor who doesn't like to do his job.

Keep going for Dali and Hepburn closeups, and the video.



Thanks to my buddy Dave L, who told me if I sent him a recent picture he'd get an ASCII portrait of me on his leg. "I never said that." Come on, behind the balls, I'll just hide back there.

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