A Robot Developed To Find Waldo In Where's Waldo Books

August 10, 2018

This is a video demonstration of There's Waldo, a robot system created to find Waldo in Where's Waldo? books with impressive speed and accuracy. Awesome, so soon it'll be able to use the same facial recognition process to locate and send a robotic death army to any person on the planet. Wear this GW mask I made?

Once initialized the arm is instructed to extend and take a photo of the canvas below. It then uses OpenCV to find and extract faces from the photo. The faces are sent to the Google Auto ML Vision service which compares each one against the trained Waldo model. If a confident match of 95% (0.95) or higher is found the robot arm is instructed to extend to the coordinates of the matching face and point at it. If there are multiple Waldos in a photo it will point to each one.

The fastest speed attained finding Waldo was 4.5 seconds in test runs. The entire machine uses UARM Metal from the PYARM Python library and is controlled by Raspberry Pi.

Man, this reminds me so much of when I was a kid and I asked for a stopwatch for my birthday so I could regularly time myself finding all the Waldos in the first three books because my God I could have really used some friends back then.

Keep going for the video while I speculate why they decided to use a doll's hand on the end of a Sharpie for pointing purposes.

Thanks to Curt, who agrees the key to finding Waldo is blurring your eyes like for one of those Magic Eye books. "I never said that." YOU SAID IT, CURT.

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