A Mechanical Pencil That Turns The Lead Every Time The Pencil Is Lifted To Ensure Even Wear

August 9, 2018

This is a video highlighting Uni's Kuru Toga mechanical pencils (~$12), which have a three gear and spring-loaded clutch system inside that turn the lead incrementally every time the pencil is pressed down and lifted to ensure uniform wear and prevent blunt tips/fatter lines as well as lead breakage. That was a problem I didn't realize I had, but I'm not exactly a draftsman or even a person who ever uses a mechanical pencil. The last time I used a pencil it was one of those really fat colorful ones. What are those called? "Crayons?" Come on, I'm not five. It was in the driveway.... "Sidewalk chalk." Yes! I drew my house and family.

Keep going for a three minute video all about a mechanical pencil (it was riveting).

Thanks to speakerbox, for reminding me I still have a piece of pencil lead near my knee where my friend Jason A stabbed me in the leg in fourth grade.

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