WTF Is Wrong With You?: Guy On Scooter Rope-Towing A Chick On A Bicycle With A Kid

July 11, 2018


Because this is the moronic world we live in now, this is a short video of some dude on a scooter rope-towing a woman on a bicycle with a seat that isn't anywhere remotely on straight, that's wearing a child for a backpack. And is that a bathrobe she's wearing? I'm calling child services. Hello, child services? I'm sending you a video. It's from Monroe, Washington, so you might want to forward it to your field office there. Yeah, I assume they just moved from Florida. Also, while I have you on the phone -- where do you stand on no dessert if you don't eat all your vegetables? Is that something that I could have a mom arres-- uh-huh, I see. Well I think you should reconsider that but thank you for your time and don't forget to go get these idiots.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to PlatinumOG, because apparently weed can send tips now.

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