Woman Drops Phone From 450-Foot Swing Ride, It Lands Perfectly Still Filming The Swings

July 19, 2018


Note: Possible seizure warning when the phone drops. Also, dude does some tough guy cursing to try to hide the fact that he's terrified he's about to die.

This is the video from Cansel Yildirim's iPhone before and after she dropped it from the world's tallest swing ride (the StarFlyer in Orlando, Florida, with swings at a height over 400 feet and traveling up to 60MPH). Miraculously, the phone lands pointing up towards the swings it was dropped from. How about that! "She could have killed somebody." Probably. You know my mom makes me keep my cell phone around my neck on a lanyard so I don't ever lose it or drop it. "She also makes you wear one of those kid leashes." Only at the mall! "Only?" And Target and the grocery store, and a lot of times at home.

Keep going for a shot of the StarFlyer so you can appreciate just how tall it is, and the video. You can easily still hear her screaming from the ground.


Thanks to MSA, who agrees the funnest swing is the one you hang above the bed using eye screws you sunk into studs in the ceiling. My my!

  • Mark

    Was I the only one that noticed how much farther the phone landed from the swings and started calculating radial velocity, wind speed and fall descent?

    I need a vacation....

  • captaindash

    Yup. It wanted to keep going in a straight line as soon as it was let go so there was no chance it would drop straight down. At first I was thinking "yeah right" to the 450' claim, but that summbitch fell for ages.

  • Jenness

    Yeah, it spun and fell one helluva long time to us laymen who time things by holding our breaths.

  • TheQiwiMan

    400 feet!? And when I accidentally drop my phone on the floor while sitting on the toilet it explodes into a million pieces.


  • GeneralDisorder

    I had a Galaxy S5 Active and it slipped off my bathroom counter once. It's about a 40 inch drop. I'd definitely dropped it farther before and onto similiarly rigid surfaces. Well, that one drop made the whole screen go multicolor fuzz and no phone repair places around would even look at it.

    So now I don't have a Galaxy S5 Active.

  • Ollie Williams

    Nice try, Apple sales department.

  • SonicGold

    And no one got killed ? Whoa, that's really good marketing Apple.

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