Whoa: A Trippy 'Glitch' Video Of A Stroll Down A Parisian Street

July 6, 2018

This is a trippy Instagram video created by Benjamin Bardou of a stroll down a Parisian side-street that's been augmented with glitchy compression artifacts and lidar effects (an object detection system that works like radar except using laser light instead of radio waves). I felt like I was walking through an impressionist painting. Wait, was I just walking through an impressionist painting? "No." I was! And you were there -- we'd just left the most delightful little cafe and...we were holding hands! "What are you talking about?" It was the most beautiful Paris night, just after it rains and, wait a second -- you're not her. But I thought-- "GW? Are you okay?" Hold on, hold on, I'm not to the part where I turn into a werewolf yet.

Keep going for the video.

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Thanks to Willem, who informed me he's seen things just like this under the influence of drugs. What are drugs?

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