Well That Was Nice: The Sailor Moon Theme Performed With Traditional Japanese Instruments

July 27, 2018


This is a beautiful video of musicians Name Kineie, Eikiko Kumazawa, Makoto Takes, Luo Jun, and Masko Watanabe performing the Sailor Moon theme on traditional Japanese instruments. It was all very lovely and made me wish I was more musically talented. Unfortunately, the only instrument I know how to play IS THIS *pushing sleeve over shoulder* "Please no armpit music." But it's all I've got! "Sometimes it's better to have nothing than something." *pulling sleeve back down* Dammit, Confucius, you're right.

Keep going for the video (as well as the actual cartoon opening for reference) while I make a traditional Japanese music playlist to listen to for the rest of the afternoon.

Thanks to carey, who informed me she has a Sailor Moon duvet cover on her bed -- valuable information I plan on taking straight to the bank.

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