Videos Of Fireflies Lighting Up Inside Frog Stomachs

July 5, 2018


These are two videos of frogs who have eaten fireflies, and the fireflies still lighting up inside the frogs' bellies. How about that! Mother Nature: she's a cruel mistress. "You had sex with that hornet's nest on your own." But you didn't say anything! Do you think frogs do this to attract even more fireflies and create their own all-you-can-eat lightning bug buffets? Because that would be pretty smart. "Frogs aren't that smart." Then how are they always convincing me to kiss them?!

Keep going for the videos, one of which was filmed through a glass door for a better shot of the frog's tummy.

Thanks to whit, who informed me it's every lightning bug's dream to be a firework. Mine too!

  • adsffda

    the bug will have his revenge when the lightup frog gets snatched by an owl because his camouflage reflex doesn't work while glowing

  • Allan Rogers

    vcvsd not a problem any more yes sure nott now

  • adsffda

    we never got half this much spam in the old comments

  • MustacheHam

    You are what you eat.

  • Meh

    Now place your fingers on a flashlight. Geeh that's not totally obvious.

  • TheMajesticWaterRuffalo

    I knew some kids that used to smear the firefly ass juice on themselves to make themselves glow.

  • Geekologie

    serial killers

  • Geekologie

    or ravers

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