Video Of A Chipmunk Stuffing Cheeks Max Capacity With Peanuts

July 9, 2018


This is a video of Van Gogh the chipmunk (named for the notch in his ear -- making him easily distinguishable from Chip or Dale) stuffing his cheeks to max capacity with peanuts gifted to him by a human friend. Man, free food just for being cute -- I wish I was a chipmunk. "Who says you'd be cute?" Your words hurt me.

Van Gogh (VG for short) is a wild chipmunk from Ontario, Canada who visits me every day- as you can see from the video, he is quite the pig. He will stuff as many peanuts possible in his cheeks before running back to his burrow to store for later. He will then come back to visit me, get some back scratches/pets, indulge in more peanuts, and bolt back to his burrow once again.

Van Gogh stuffs his cheeks until he can't even fit the last peanut in there and scampers off. You know I used to have a pet rat named Scampers. *quick Google search* I meant Scabbers -- I used to have a pet rat named Scabbers. "You're not Ron Weasley." You don't know that -- I witnessed the Order of The Sphinx! "Phoenix?" Abracadabra! "That's not even a real spell." Rest in peace, Fred.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Charlotte, wants to see what that chipmunk can do with cocktail weenies.

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