Valuable Information: How To Pour A Glass Of Beer To Prevent Stomach Bloating

July 31, 2018


Do we though, Max, DO WE?

This is a video of beer expert Max Bakker (great name) discussing how to pour a glass of beer to minimize stomach bloat after drinking. Basically, the key is to pour the beer vigorously down the side of the glass so it forms a moderate sized foamy head and the CO2 dissolved in the beer is released into the glass instead of your stomach. Ashamedly, I did not know that. No wonder I'm so bloated all the time. "Gassy too." Honey! I thought you said you were going to try being nicer to me in front of my friends. "This is all in your imagination, dear, you choose the words I say." I do?! Well then. "So, how about that penis of yours?"
What about it? "Disappointing." Damn it all!

Keep going for the video while I work on having a more positive imagination and shotgunning fewer Natty Lights.

Thanks to Tank, who drinks beer right down the muzzle of his cannon. Man, that's so cool.

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