Updated LEGO Gear And Pulley System Lifts Almost 500 Pounds With A Single LEGO Motor

July 30, 2018


This is a video of Youtuber Brick Experiment Channel's updated all-LEGO gear and pulley system. As you probably forgot, the previous version was able to produce 102.2kg (~225 pounds) of lift. This one, after some experimenting with different gear systems, is able to produce an astounding 226.1kg (~498.5 pounds) of lift with a single LEGO Power Functions medium motor. For reference, I can bench press a standard barbell plus a 25 pound weight on each side. What's that, like 600 pounds? "Ninety." Right -- 690. "No, just ninety." Wow, that is not very impressive. You know what I'm thinking I should do? "Work out more?" If by work out more you mean start huffing Wheaties, then yes.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Rob, who can lift almost 500 pounds with each finger and has never taken more than one trip to bring all the groceries in.

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