Train Operator Terrifies Two Girls Walking On The Tracks With Train's Horn

July 10, 2018


This is a short video from I'm not sure where (possibly Russia?) of a train operator blasting the train's horn to scare two oblivious girls off the tracks. How the hell those girls didn't know there was a train so close behind them is beyond me, but I guess it explains why I just saw a PSA a few days ago warning people not to walk on train tracks (in the commercial it's a dude listening to headphones who gets creamed). Now I'm not saying I've never walked along train tracks before (I was born in West Virginia and raised in Alabama), but you shouldn't do it (you can also get arrested for trespassing since railroad tracks are considered private property). Even if someone is constantly aware of their surroundings and hears a train coming, what happens if their foot gets stuck? SPOILER: A closed casket funeral. There might even be enough of them left to warrant a casket, it might be a closed pencil box funeral. Stay safe out there and off the tracks, there are still plenty of other stupid ways to die without fantasizing you're a train-hopping hobo of yesteryear.

Keep going for the video while I go skip rocks down by the old railroad bridge. "Oh really?
How you getting there?" JETPACK.

Thanks to Christian, who's not convinced a lot of trains haven't taken some form of ninja training.

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