Three Giant Tesla Coils Perform A Star Wars Medley

July 12, 2018


This is a video of three large Dual Resonant Solid State Tesla Coils (DRSSTCs) performing a Star Wars medley at the recent Kansas City Maker Faire. I liked the part where they were playing Star Wars tunes and looked like they were shooting lightning. I've never gotten to experiment with a Tesla coil myself, but I used to have one of those plasma globes (which, FUN FACT: were also invented by Tesla) from Spencer's when I was in high school. "Fascinating." I used to rest my balls on it for birth control (plus as a party trick). "Wait, what?" I learned that in 10th grade health class. "You did not learn that in health class." Well not from the teacher.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Namberry, who agrees they should have hired Star Wars Kid to stand in there with a metal curtain rod and swing it around like a badass.

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