That's Too Much: A $1,300 Toilet Bowl Brush

July 18, 2018


This is the $1,300 Zodiac Crystal Toilet Brush available from Harrod's. It looks like a Fabergé egg you're gonna use to wipe diarrhea off the inside of your toilet bowl. Oh, who am I kidding, anybody with a $1,300 toilet brush isn't cleaning their own toilet, not even to save themselves the embarrassment of their housekeeper knowing they splattered everywhere and left it for them.

Lending a much-needed, high-octane upgrade to everyday bathroom essentials, this handcrafted toilet brush from Zodiac is designed in bevelled, diamond-cut crystal. Complete with a chrome-finished lid, the design hails from a collection of matching accessories to give your home the five-star treatment.

My favorite part is how the actual brush looks like it's the same quality as a toilet brush you could buy at a dollar store. Like they didn't spend any money to make that nicer at all. I expected the bristles to be unicorn hair or phoenix feathers or something. "This isn't a magic wand." Well for $1,300 it should be.

Thanks to v, who agrees if you catch yourself actually considering a $1,300 toilet brush, it's time to admit you haven't lived in reality for quite some time.

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