Star Trek: The Next Generation Corridor Door Cover

July 27, 2018


This is the Star Trek: The Next Generation Corridor Door Cover available from ThinkGeek ($25). You may recall the previously posted Star Trek TNG Ten-Forward bar/lounge door cover. Just like that one, it's up to you to find a solution to the doorknob situation. I can't wait till I'm over at a friend's house who has one. "Where have you been?" You wouldn't believe it -- I was on my way to the bathroom, then I got lost aboard the USS Enterprise! "I get it, because of my door cover. Seriously though, what took so long?" I flooded your toilet, there's shit-water everywhere. "What?!" Then I tried on all your boxers. "Come on!" I'm wearing the ones with skulls & crossbones.

Thanks to Marco, who informed me you can never have enough space in your house. LOL, I get it! Just kidding, please explain it to me.

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