Staggered, Sliding Airline Seats That Allow For Easier Boarding, More Room For Middle Passenger

July 10, 2018

These are two promo videos for the Side-Slip airline seating developed by Molon Labe Seating. It allows the aisle seat to be slid over the middle seat for easier boarding, and when its pulled back out provides the middle seat (which is staggered behind and slightly below the other two seats) with three extra inches of width. Me? I'm a window seat man myself, but that's just me and I've already seen at least three UFOs.

As passengers get off the aircraft they will slide the seat across to make the aisle wider. Of course flight attendants and cleaning crews can also slide the seats into the the wider aisle configuration to prepare for the next passengers to load. The seats should be in the wider-aisle configuration as passengers come onboard, they simply walk to their seat and slide the seat into place and take their seat. ...Our staggered design means that adjacent passengers now have their arms, elbows, shoulders and thighs staggered. It doesn't look like a lot but when you sit in the seat you notice it instantly, it makes a huge difference.

Hey, whatever works. Will we ever actually see these seats in use though? Beats me, although stranger things have happened. I'm talking about those UFOs I saw, by the way. Unfortunately, all the government hotlines I called didn't want to hear about them, but if you want to meet for lunch sometime I'd be more than happy to tell you about everything I saw. And if we happen to play a little footsie and one thing leads to another, well... "Did you even see any UFOs?" Nothing that didn't turn out to be a seagull, no.

Keep going for two video renderings of all the extra space to be had while I speculate if they'll charge more for the middle seat now.

Thanks to hairless, who agrees the key to comfortable airline flights are chartered jets.

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