Smart Thinking: Photo Of A Dog That Dragged A Running Lawn Sprinkler Through Its Doggie Door

July 25, 2018


This is a photo (I know, the lack of a video should be a crime) of Cara Wohr's border collie puppy Baloo playing with a lawn sprinkler inside the house after dragging it through his doggie door, apparently because he felt it was too hot to play with outside. Smart dog. Cara captured this quick shot for insurance adjustment purposes before jamming the sprinkler back outside the door. Personally, I would have left it there, but that's just me and I've always wanted an indoor pool. One summer in high school I already had the basement filled to three feet before my parents got home from vacation.

Keep going for a shot of Baloo playing with the sprinkler in the yard where it belongs.

Thanks to Bridgette C, for reminding me of the time my dog dragged a stick with a hornet's nest attached in through the doggie door.

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