Skateboarder Performs 'The Impossible' Board-Around-Your-Foot Flip Off A Pole

July 10, 2018

This is a video of skateboarder Jackson Pilz performing 'a pole jam late impossible' (thanks commentor Sharpestlife) The impossible was developed by pro skater Rodney Mullen, and Jackson performs this one after riding up a pole. It's pretty impressive to see. I actually used to skateboard until I broke my forearm snowboarding. Then the doctor put a pin in my wrist and a plate and six screws in my radius (the larger bone in your forearm, on the thumb side) and sealed the break with bone marrow from my hip. Despite the bone marrow, the break never actually fully healed and I rebroke it and bent the plate kickflipping over the recycling bin in my parents' driveway a few months later. Now I have even more metal in my arm and have offically retired from sports. Now I already know what you're thinking, and no amount of money is going to convince me to give you a handjob and talk like a robot. "How about $200?" ZIP ZAP, I AM OPTIMUS PRIME.

Keep going for the whole video, which shows the trick in regular speed too, as well as all the youngsters rushing in for high-fives (including the two Hulks seen in the background).

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Thanks to Luc, for reminding me I still can't do a pushup without lightning shooting through my arm.

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