Ridiculous Haute Couture Smartphone Ankle Holders

July 12, 2018


These are the ridiculous smartphone ankle holders spotted at a recent Maison Margiela fashion show with a theme that was supposed to explore futurism and technology (you did not nail it). The rest of their outfits way aside, the phones look perfect for filming your dog or your own underwear, but otherwise completely impractical. They're like one of those gun ankle holsters, except the only thing you'll be shooting is a text to your rich parents begging them to deposit more money in your account. You know, I used to think high fashion was so ridiculous until my girlfriend made me watch The Devil Wears Prada. Now I just want to be part of it.

Keep going for a couple closeups in case you're not sure just how uncomfortably the holder attaches to the leg.




Thanks to v, who agrees you might as well tape a phone to the side of your head and call yourself the next Alexander McQueen.

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