Real Products That Exist: The D20 Trilby Hat

July 6, 2018


Because who couldn't afford to lose a few charisma points, this is the Crit Success d20 Banded Trilby hat designed and sold by ThinkGeek. It costs $30, is made of straw just like the first little pig's house, and has a band printed with d20s around the brim. Would you look good in it? Of course you would. Would anybody else? Not a chance. That's the thing about you -- your charisma is already off the charts. Just listen to my charisma detector when I wave it front of you. *beep beep beep beep beep* See? Off the charts. "Is that a pager?" LEARN HOW TO TAKE A COMPLIMENT.

Keep going for a closeup in case you wanted to know if the d20s on the band are embroidered or printed. *slaps back of head* They're printed, just like I said in the article.


Thanks to Landon P, who agrees if you really want to increase your charisma stat you should wear it backwards. Just a heads up though: strangers will get pregnant.

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