Police Officer Looking At Phone Hits Cyclist While Making Turn

July 30, 2018

Note: Some very appropriate cursing by the cyclist.

This is a video from Peculiar, Missouri of a police officer looking at his phone while making a left turn and hitting a stationary bicyclist waiting at the intersection. The cyclist calls him out for texting and driving but the officer insists he wasn't texting, just looking at his phone. Well that's a relief. The officer has since been placed on leave with pay while the Missouri State Highway Patrol conduct an investigation as to whether the officer was distracted while driving, even though I'm 100% certain we can all agree we just watched a video of a police officer distracted by his phone hit a cyclist and then acknowledge that's exactly what happened.

Keep going for the video while I ask if I can just start sleeping at the office instead of cycling home.

Thanks to MSA, who agrees cell phones will kill us all.

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