Playing With Your Food: Jell-O Brand Molds That Create LEGO-Like Edible Building Blocks

July 30, 2018


These are several shots of the Jell-O Play Build & Eat kits. Each comes with two packages of Jell-O (which you presumably make thicker than you would regular Jell-O) and two molds so you can create LEGO-like blocks to build things out of. You know I was just thinking the other day my Jell-O doesn't get touched nearly enough before being eaten. It deserves some quality hands-on playtime, you know? "Have you washed your hands?" Not since Britney Spears touched them during a concert in 2009, no.

Keep going for a commercial.

Thanks to Gregg M, who agrees you're gonna need waaaay more molds if you plan on building anything substantial, which I do.

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