Pizzeria Makes The Little Plastic Pizza Saver In The Middle of Your Pizza Into A Patio Set

July 26, 2018


These are several shots of the pizza saver patio set created by creative agency John St. Advertising for Boston Pizza (previously: their pizza box that turns into a breakfast-in-bed tray). Personally, I've been using those little plastic pizza saver tables in my dollhouses for years now, so I'm not surprised somebody finally went and made chairs to match. The pizza saver patio set will be available for a limited time with take-out orders from Boston Pizza locations. Now break a leg off each chair, add a couple tiny dead plants to the table and a bunch of beer bottles with cigarette butts spilling out the top of them all and you'll have a dead ringer for my neighbor's patio set. "Oh piss off." IT'S AN EYESORE, ALAN.

Keep going for a couple more shots.



Thanks to Shannon, agrees a tiny cooler of beer, a grill and a kiddy pool and we've got ourselves a little party.

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