Oh Yeah, That's Him Alright: Godzilla Spotted Emerging From Cloud Formation

July 30, 2018


Note: Larger version of this image HERE.

These are several shots of a cloud formation spotted by reader John Cook near Nashville, Tennessee that looks remarkably like Godzilla rising out of the sea. "It's a cat wearing boxing gloves." IT'S GODZILLA. Trust me, I'm like a pro at cloud shapes -- it's one of the few things I'm actually good at. "You should put it on your resumé." Please, it already is, right below the photo of me flexing on all the haters. "How are you not CEO of a Fortune 500 company already?" Right? Or a monster truck. "CEO of a monster truck?" No. "You mean a monster truck driver?" That's not what I said.

Keep going for three more.




Thanks to John Cook, who knows a quality cloud formation when he sees one. We should have a picnic in the park sometime and see what we see.

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