Oh No!: The Other Half Of That Bourbon Warehouse Also Collapsed

July 5, 2018


Because devastation always comes in twos, the second half of that Barton 1792 Distillery warehouse in Kentucky has collapsed, bringing the total number of dropped barrels to almost 20,000 -- or around 1,060,000 gallons of angry brown liquor. For reference, that's more than enough to have gotten every cowboy in the Wild West drunk and falling off their horses and into my loving arms.

After the first collapse, spilled bourbon contaminated two nearby creeks, killing almost 1,000 fish.

State environmental officials had said they would fine Sazerac Inc., parent company of the distillery, up to $25,000 per day.

This time, the runoff was contained by officials, WLKY reported.

Now, the company is looking to build a new warehouse with hopes of salvaging the barrels that are still intact.

Man, not only are they wasting liquor, but they're getting fish so drunk they're killing each other? "That's not what happened." Don't even act like I'm not onto you, Mr. Distillery, I know a biological weapons test when I hear one. And what was that warehouse built out of anyways, Lincoln Logs? Even the third little pig knows better than that. I'm never drinking bourbon again. And I'm not just saying that because my friends swore they'll never hang out with me again if I do, but friends are hard to come by and Jesus, is this all my blood?

Keep going for one more shot of the destruction.


Thanks to ClosetNerd, who I suspect is just happy it wasn't a medical herb growing facility.

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