Mommy, Where's Grandpa?: Video Of Sinkhole Swallowing 80-Year Old Man In China

July 25, 2018


Because the earth feasts on the brittle bones of our geriatrics, this is a video from someone filming a computer monitor playing some security cam footage (plus some bonus up close and personal footage of the rescue afterwards) of a sinkhole opening in a parking lot in Jiamusi City, China and gobbling up an 80+ year old man. Thankfully, the hole was only about six feet deep, and the man sustained no serious injuries. And people wonder why I'm afraid to leave my apartment. "Sinkholes?" Among a few other things. "Like what?" Absolutely everything else, including air quality. Slip a nudie magazine under my door?

Hit the jump for the video. Also, props to everyone who came rushing to the hole to help instead of away from it like I would have done.

Thanks to Christian, who agrees this is exactly why we all need personal jetpacks.

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