MIT's Latest Quick-Moving Cheetah Quadruped Robot

July 10, 2018

Because a robotic death army can't come fast enough, this is a video demonstration of MIT's latest iteration of their quick-moving Cheetah robot (previously). Not only is it quick, it can also "leap or gallop on rugged terrain, recover its balance, and climb stairs even if they're covered with obstacles. Plus, it does all of this without the aid of cameras or visual sensors." Wait -- what do you mean it does all that without cameras or visual sensors? Then what the hell am I supposed to aim for to disable one when we're trying to survive the robot uprising?! "Go for the legs." But they're moving so fast! "Throw a net at it." I don't have one anymore, I used it to hide all the provisions I stole from the rest of our survival group up in a tree! "Um, what?" I meant I lost it. I lost the net.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to blue16, who agrees it's only a matter of time until we see humanoid robots riding quadruped robots, and that will be the last thing we see too.

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